We have planed to release two games at first, but we mostly focus on the game that we right now reefer to as a project rg, game will be released on steam and its a fps shooter (includes story mode that will probably be sold as a DLC - this way game could work for multiplayer with much less storage used, story will be downloaded as additional content to the base game). Second game that we work on is a racing game, more info will be released soon.

More information regarding the game itself including screenshot showcases will be posted on the game page here on website as soon as the page goes live!

Game will be released on steam, here will be added steam game store page ones it goes live
We would love to release the game all over the platforms but steam is the only one that supports in game items, trading etc and that allows us to do quite a bit just to make the game more fun.

It's hard to tell without spoilers, we are also working on the story itself, game base is defined but whole story line & dialog isn't completed yet.

Current project build: Unreal Engine 4.
UE4 Isn't being the best engine of all times but thats because its not best optimized, with it you can build all sorts of games thats why isn't perfectly optimized for every game type but its for sure best engine out there. We are aware of some of the issues but many successful games used it, and we are happy to partner with Epic Games in making our game possible to make. Building a new engine isn't an easy task. We are happy with the announcement of UE5 And we might switch to the Unreal Engine 5 as soon as it comes out, depends on how far we developed the game and how hard is it to convert, but we would gladly rebuild whole game for all the benefits and optimization allowing us to create much better product. It's most likely that we would switch to UE5 and possibly be one of the first games to get released made in UE5.

We will let the community pick the price!
There will be a survey for people who helped with the game development in any way, goal is to make game affordable for everyone, we would like to release it as free to play but that would make us make the game pay to win which we are not the biggest fans of. Assets that we make from game release we would invest mostly back into the game to improve and cover any potential issues. If the game goes good, we might release it as free to play and awarding everyone who purchased the game, mostly limited edition cosmetics or some valuable items, better matchmaking using higher trust factor etc. Game will be sold in two separate parts multiplayer and story mode (which will be sold as a DLC) this way we could make game multiplayer to work with much less storage used making it much more optimized for many users.

1. Donations
We will most likely open up a page to fund the game development for best quality product. People who donated would receive exclusive behind the scenes and get to vote on development decisions as well as special credits inside of the game title screen. Possibly getting a free copy of the game and in game item awards.

2. Content creation/promotions
We dont have big marketing ads budget, so we let that to the community. We are aware of content creators and talented people who could help the project just by showing the idea to the people!

3. Joining our teams as an volounteers
If you have some required skill and free time we would like to welcome you to some of our teams to help with the development in any way. This way we will look for future people to hire for our teams!

Besides the anticheat we are trying to develop an AI that would learn from watching the replays and demos of people cheating so it will be able to auto detect an player using unallowed clients (firstly obvious cases of players cheating and later advance). We will try to close the game as much as possible and fix any exploits for injecting or running the cheat clients as fast as possible.
Any players that violate the games policy using exploits and unallowed clients will have their accounts suspended as soon as case is confirmed without an option of getting an unban.

I suggest checking the question below.

That's an interesting topic, we have a few ideas, besides classic ranks and ELO system our plan is to collect much more game data from each user and then matched them based on the scores they have eventually matching cheaters to play against cheaters and normal players with normal players. Ranks will have their classes and classes could be used to determent a player based on their improvements so teams could be matched equally

We create Games, Software and much more! We are providing many open-source projects with goal to create the largest library of successful projects on GitHub for people to use and learn from all for free! We are a game, software and applications development studio. We listen to feedback and provide active support to our community. Currently we are team of few developers, artists, musicians and other people who are willing to help, and we work hard to achieve our goals. You can join our community discord server or help us via donations or contributions, we hope to launch few projects soon that would make a stable income, so we can relax with the budget and not depend on sponsorship or donations, so we can expand our teams and work on what we love!

Original idea started back in 2017

Unless we pay someone that isn't part of our teams for specific thing, we like to work on things we think and feel that we shod work on in the right moment. Everyone picks what they want to do. No boss/ceo to tell what we shod do, everyone does what it chooses to do as long as it does something. This way we acheive the best productivity and results.

At the moment no, we do look to expand our teams with volunteers who would like to help with specific things and show their skills. They will be called first when new place in the team opens.

At the moment we dont, all the money we invested for equipment and setups we paid by ourselves, we do not run or own any projects that make profit.

OSL-Works or Open Source Library Works is Github Organization hosted by us with goal to publish as many free open source projects creating a library of open source software that would make our life much easier it's for people to use and learn from, we maintain all of our projects, but our focus isn't there, we have few developers who are really passionate about it, and they provide an active support to every single project, every project is kept free and open source relaying on donations, in future some projects might not be totally free but with a free plan of use included of course. If projects require specific API'S that have its limits or use server storage space, they wont be free to us for hosting if a lot of people use it

On our official discord server.